Site Seeing

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Coral boulders and rocks are engraved on the shores of this beach which makes it a famous destination for sightseeing. The boulders and rocks become most visible during the hours of low tide. It's located in Ukhia District and only a 25 kilometers drive from Cox's Bazar. This picnic spot also gives its visitors an attractive view of the sun set.
The picture perfect setting of the long stretching hill tracks on the left and the longest unbroken sea beach on the right makes Himchori a wonderful place for rejuvenation. Located 10 kilometers from Cox's Bazar, this place is famous for the waterfalls.
An island off the coast of Cox's Bazar has a combination of nature's wonders. A sandy shore, a mangrove forest and a small hill track. Atop the hills, lies an old Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Siva and a Buddiest Monastery, side by side. Legend has it that a ruler by the name of Adinath built this temple.
Located 7 kilometers off the coast of Cox's Bazar it is a crescent shaped island where local fishermen earn a living by drying fish. The western tip of the island has a sandy beach whereas the northern tip is bedded with windowpane oysters. During the winter, flocks of migratory birds of variant species makes this island their temporary home and is truly a remarkable sight.
The name Dulhazara means 1000 palanquins or palki which is a type of carrier/transport used in the past for the brides. Wild beasts such as the lion, tigers, elephants, and snakes still can be found in this natural reserve. This area is also well known for the root of Baptist Christianity in Bangladesh through the establishment of a Baptist missionary hospital at Malumghat.
Reflecting the charms of an old Buddhist village, Ramu is located 16 kilometers from Cox's Bazar. This place contains Buddhist pagodas and monasteries of centuries old statues and images of Gautama Buddha ornamented with precious stones and metals. The largest of which measures 13 feet in height. Villagers earn a living by weaving and making handmade cigars. They live in houses styled like mini pagodas.
Allthough it's located 84 kilometers from Cox's Bazar, it's worth travelling there due to many reasons of which the exotic drive with enchanting views of the nature is one. It's the southernmost tip of Bangladesh and is separated from Myanmar by the river Naaf. You can enjoy boat cruise in the river as well!
The coral reef island of Bangladesh measures only 8 square kilometers during low tide and 5 square kilometers during high tide. The beautiful sandy beaches have features typical to tropical islands such as rows of coconut and palm trees. The locality is made up of four islands namely Narikel Jinjira, Galachira, Chera Deep and Uttarpara. The water of the bay of Bengal is a beautiful blue here due to the island's location unlike the silvery type seen at Cox's Bazar.
Bandarban is located in the exotic hill tracks of Chittagong division. The three highest mountains of Bangladesh are nestled here, namely Tajindong ranging 1280 meters, Mowdok Mual ranging 1052 meters and Keokradong ranging 1230 meters. Home to more than 10 tribal communities of Bangladesh, Bandarban still has unexplored areas for adventure lovers, such as the "Alir Suranga" which is a huge tunnel only partially explored.